Why "Yellow Dress"

Well, in many ways, I feel like my time in the Middle East really did start with this yellow dress of mine.

I think I got it at a Ross Store in either Oklahoma or California--there's no telling. But this picture was of me throwing a fit. Yes, you'll find I regularly throw fits, but this picture is also of me obliging the culture and neighborhood and worldview in which I am living. This pouting picture commemorates one of the first times which I tangibly saw myself bending from my independent, American pedestal into a posture more becoming, a posture of a loving and humble sojourner. This isn't my land, my language or my culture, but my Father is here and so are His people. At the time of this picture, my heart wasn't in it yet, but I remember consciously realizing that I was, indeed, going to be inconvenienced if I wanted to be here.

Someone once told me that one of the most radical and challenging things I can say to a neighbor in this part of the world is "God is Love." It contradicts what people in this honor/shame culture are taught to believe. When I say that "God is Love" I am either met with the chuckle of someone wanting to correct my Arabic, or with a question of "What do you mean?" Either way, I try to take the opportunity to tell the full Story of how God is Love. Everything that God does is out of love--and He Himself IS Love.

So, will I wear this yellow dress, with a t-shirt, cardigan, linen pants and flip flops in 100+ degree weather? Yes, I will, and so much more, I hope. It's the least I can do for Love. I'm asking the Father for many more opportunities for me to do silly, uncomfortable or sometimes just absurd things for Him. I hope you do, too. Welcome to The Yellow Dress: and other things we do for Love.


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