Tuesday, May 8, 2012

VOTE: Yellow Dress Contest

YEA to all the women who submitted their Yellow Dress photos!

Everyone please vote for your favorite...stuffing the ballot box for your fav is encouraged! The winner will receive a $25 iTunes gift card.

Remember: Sarah's last post will be next week...if you have never posted a comment all year, I'm encouraging you to do so next week. Courage. Gratitude. Sisters of the Yellow Dress unite!

PHOTO #1: Kenyan Girl | Kelsey Lane

PHOTO #2: Two At the Market  | Dawn Goebbels

PHOTO #3: He ain't Heavy | Dawn Goebbels

PHOTO #4: Easter Chickie-lou | Phyllis Hunsacker

PHOTO # 5: Mexican Wrap | Jamie Loker

PHOTO #6: This screams YELLOW! | Liz Crittendon

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