About Me

At twenty-seven years old, I found myself, curious and single, living in the Middle East. I enjoy what I deem to be "good music," Arab food, arranging flowers, American football and wearing too many clothes in a tastefully tacky combination. My master's degree is in Intercultural Studies, but let's be honest: I feel like I've just begun my studentship.

I've moved back to America now, but a year in the Middle East has given me enough to write about.
What I had only before read about became my daily life. With me, cultural blunders were abounding, and I've heard three-year olds speak better Arabic, but Father gave me such favor with my friends that I wouldn't trade ANY of it. I so desperately want the women and children who surrounded me to know and love my Father. They are a part of me, and I of them... they are my very heart. These days, I spend a lot of my time writing emails and Skyping with them. My sweet friends in the desert call me "Shagra" or "Blondie," but you can call me Sarah.

 P.S. I gave my yellow dress to “Amina.”
So, technically, the yellow dress is still in the Middle East...
Just sayin’….
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