Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yellow Dress Family Meeting

I wanted to take a week and have a little… family meeting? here at The Yellow Dress.

The Background
WOTH first approached me to start writing for you in March and while I was a little hesitant, Cindy [our rockin’ editor and creative mastermind] convinced me that my voice was valuable in encouraging other women and that my own stories were worthy of being told. [She is lovely.] Cindy saw something in me and my writing that I still don’t necessarily see, but regardless, The Yellow Dress [TYD] was born and started running in April.

The Issue
I moved back to America
. [Whoops.] It’s true. [Go on, take a breath.] Midsummer, I boarded a plane that brought me safely from my Middle Eastern country to Amreeka [America]. So sad. And yet, TYD lives on. I have a ton more stories to share, questions to explore and people to introduce you to. There’s a concern that rises though, in that I’m writing like I’m still there when really, I’m not. I’ve polled close friends, my mom and avid supporters of TYD, and their counsel has lead me to a decision.

The Decision
I’m going to keep writing TYD.
[Unless you hate me now and stop reading. Then my numbers will drop and I’ll be fired or something, I guess.] You can come back every Tuesday and read some ridiculous story, meet a friend of mine, or hear my heart break, rejoice or struggle over something, big or small. It’s not a secret that I’m in America. But please know that’s not my focus moving forward. I’ll be writing about my time in the Middle East, not America—at least not yet. Please know that the content of this blog is totally authentic, unless otherwise noted [name changes, locations withheld, etc.]. This stuff really did happen. It’s my desire not for time and specifics to be important for the reader, but rather the substance. I have a whole journal with stories, teardrops, rants, smiley faces, emotional break downs, you name it. I want to keep it living—for you to experience it and be able to relate to it. Because you can and you do. And “you” are in America & abroad.

The Goal
My goal here is to provide a place where you can read about the day-to-day life of working cross-culturally, where I share some stories and make you laugh [or cry—we’ve got some criers, don’t we? You know who you are…], whether you’re in Amreeka or somewhere else. I want to encourage, spur and cheer you on. Writing this blog really challenges me sometimes, but I want it always to be something that makes Him famous. Consider it the break room for the Kingdom: We can get together, have some laughs [at my expense], and get back to His work.

The Requests

  • Despite all the pictures and videos I share, I want to remain largely anonymous. This thing isn’t about me, what I’m doing, where I live, used to live or “who I’m with.” Just let me be the girl next door. I’m working alongside you, even Stateside.

  • I’ve got a lot to unpack. Cindy once told me, “We write so we don’t forget.” I want to remember this season of my life, and TYD and you can help me do just that. So, really, thank you.

  • Keep reading, keep responding and keep sharing. I want you to be encouraged.

  • Know that I’m writing largely for you to know that you’re not alone in your work.

    So, how are ya doin’ out there? Doing okay? What do you think? [I’m gonna go ahead and request some comments on this one…]

    If you’ll still have me, I’ll keep showing up… See you next Tuesday?

    [Inshallah (God-willing)],


  • P.S. I gave my yellow dress to “Amina.”
    So, technically, the yellow dress is still in the Middle East….
    Just sayin’….


    1. Just because we are not "physically" somewhere, doesn't mean we are not
      there. You are always with me, I can hear you telling me to take better care
      of myself, walk more, eat better, and that list goes on.... I reread alot of
      your blogs because it brings me that much closer when I need to see your
      words some days to hear your voice.....keep writing...love you mom"  

    2. I'll keep reading! I'm in Indonesia and love your stories. Thanks for keeping up with the writing even though you're back "home". Thanks for your openness and honesty. I really love your writing :-)

    3. of course you should keep writing. your voice indeed needs to be heard and it is real. and time and space are all a bit relative anyway, right? looking forward to more...and also we need to perhaps take advantage of the fact that it's possible at this point and time to have a couple of face-to-face chats now and again.

    4. Your voice is valuable and encouraging! Your stories are worth being told. Thank you for continuing on. And thank you for the family meeting - feels good to be "in the know". Also wanted to encourage you to share some stories from Amereeka too - perhaps how you interact or view relationships, or daily life because of the life you've had in the Middle East. - as global workers trying to live on both sides of the ocean, maintain relationships, engage in ministry, find time for rest and stay true to who we are is also a challenge with ups and downs.

    5. Please do keep showing up, Sarah! I love reading your blogs, and you obviously have a lot more to tell. Thanks for your integrity and openness.

    6. First of all, thanks for telling us. Second, please keep writing. I think you'll know if/when you should move on.

    7. Yes, keep writing. Thanks for sharing where you are, but maybe it is better having some physical distance. You can communicate what you have pondered for a while. I love reading about your life there and I also think it would be good to write about how you are adjusting to Amereeka too. We all have to make that adjustment sometimes. After living overseas you have a different perspective than those who have lived in Amereeka all their lives. It would be good to hear that too.

    8. Yes, absolutely keep writing and I'll be there! There's a genuineness about the way you write about the tensions, little (AND big) joys, and your deep heart to remain faithful and be used where you are. Be encouraged and "keep on keepin' on", YD!! You're the best! ♥

    9. See ya next Tuesday... and yes, I agree with Lori and would love to hear your perspective on life back in the States. I'm already kinda freaking out about going back myself and it's like 8 months away, so... yeah, would love to hear about the craziness of life there as it happens. Keep rockin', girl.

    10. Thanks, Mom. :)

      JungleWife: Salamet Pagi! Great to have you! Ya know, Indo was where I fell in love with Mus. women. :) Get it, girl. I love that place & I'm happy to entertain & encourage a lovely lady serving there. Sampa Jumpa!!

      Loren: You're sweet as sugar. Thanks for your constant support & validation. Yes. Let's hook up. ;)

      Lori: You're like a sweet friend to me--thanks for this! Yes, I like being in the know, too! haha. I'm debating on when to share about Amreeka... it's been funny so far. :) Thanks for your encouragement & support--I appreciate you.

      OT: Aren't we already best friends? I'm coming to Turkey & Imma goonnnnaaa stay at yer house. Ok? ;) You're rock solid, little lady. Thank you. :)

      Lorinda: 1. You're welcome. Thanks for taking the news so well. haha. 2. Thanks for your confidence in me--it means a LOT! :)

      Lynn: :) It's been CRAZY writing from this side. Sometimes I write a bunch at once, and that's what I did for the month of July & I didn't want to transition before Rama because I just coveted ppl's prayers. So here's the transition. I am writing about America & my life here, just more privately at the moment, but I imagine and hope that in a few months, I'll start writing about it all and mixing it all up. The goal is to write as long as I can write. That's it. So thanks for reading & for your great insights. :)

      Rakuchickie: Girl, how do you even say that?! And ugh. I'm printing out your comment & stapling it to the wall. Thank you!

      Aunt Michele: Always good to have you! Thanks for your perfect attendance & sweet words to me. :)

      Leah: I've already told you this, but girl--8 months is FOREVER. Stay there & BE there as long as you ARE there. Yeah? When we start anticipating the move, we actually start the move. I was one who didn't think about it till the last days, and actually on the airplane. I didn't want to leave & I didn't want to waste any precious time, so I'd encourage you to do the same. Now, I don't know how "healthy" that is to do mentally, emotionally, etc. so seek out some other counsel, for sure, but I can confidently say it worked for me & I'd do it the same if/when I do it again. :) Thanks for always coming by--I think you're lovely!!



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