Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top Ten Christmas Albums

Please, don’t get me wrong. I am a strong advocate for celebrating only one holiday at a time, specifically giving Thanksgiving its own time to shine. But, now that it’s done, I want to go ahead and carefully attend to matters of the heart: Christmas music. This is what we call “Self Care.” I’m all about holistic care for my readers and it’ll put my mind at ease knowing that you have an array of solid tunes to be playing for the next… month. I know you have iTunes or something like it, so these are a must. Yes, it’s true: I’ve compiled a Top Ten List [my daddy would be so proud].

10. Justin Beiber – “Under the Mistletoe” PLEASE KEEP READING. Sometimes I forget that I have a quite varied age range crowd of readers—sometimes I think everyone is 27 just like me. And when asked, one of my dear 17-year olds came up with this one. She’s touched me beyond measure, so she gets a spot [albeit the very last possible spot] on the countdown. Beiber Fever is a real thing. And I like his sweet, little voice… [But my REAL #10 is Michael Bublé…]

9. Bing Crosby – “White Christmas” Old school, but don’t judge—it’s fantastic. What would Christmas be without Bing singing to you? Let’s be real here.

8. *NSync – “Home for Christmas” I’m totally unashamed and completely PROUD of this selection. I grew up during the 90’s. This is quality stuff. I love the piano at the beginning of “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”—if it doesn’t make you want to dance, then there is something wrong with you. [I’m sorry, but it’s true.] Ok, we’ll compromise: If you can’t bring yourself to get the whole album, at least get the one song… okay?

7. Elf: Music from the Major Motion Picture I just love Zoey Deschanel and the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” duet is basically worth it all. Ugh. I love it. Takes me back to the good ole college days.

6. David Crowder*Band – “Oh For Joy” I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not completely in love with DC’s voice… but his music is top dog and I really love how they’ve mixed up and changed up these awesome songs.

5. James Taylor – “James Taylor at Christmas” AND “A Christmas Album” I’m just SO happy to sing with him every year. [Me in my pajamas, him on the iPod.] You need him in your life. You won’t be sorry.

4. Home Alone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack If I need to talk to you about this one, it’s not worth it. It’s nearly the epitome of Christmas for me. [Did you know Macaulay Culkin is, like, a grown up now? Hmmph.]

3. Jars of Clay – “Christmas Songs” I don’t know why you wouldn’t want these hotties singing these sweet songs. Go. Get it in your life right now. You can thank me later.

2. Mariah Carey – “Merry Christmas” Don’t be a hater. You know she’s good and I know that you know that you wish you could sing like her. We all do. So, get over yourself and get this album. It’s from 1994, but let’s be honest: she’ll never have to update it. [But she did: “Merry Christmas II You.” Get it?] “All I Want for Christmas” and “O Holy Night” are my favorites. You know you like it.

1. Vince Guaraldi Trio – “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
If I were stuck on a deserted island, this music would somehow be with me. I love that it’s just piano and “children” singing. Yes, sometimes, around December 17th, I skip the kids singing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” because I just can’t handle it anymore, but overall, it’s my absolute favorite. Download this, light a candle and be merry. Because it’s beautiful and warm and I’m hoping you’ll love it half as much as I do.

So, even if you only acquire ONE of these albums I’ll sleep better at night.
Is there anything I missed that you just swear by for the Christmas season??

Next week: Back to normal blogging.
I just couldn’t help myself.
Music is that important to me.
[And you listening to it is too.]


  1. Sufjan Stevens! And, from my parent's influence, old school (70s or 80s?) Amy Grant, Kenny Rogers, and Evie.

  2. That sounds like a great list! I'll admit, I haven't heard some of those, but I might have to pick up a few of them. I just wanted to let you know, though, that your #1 album is also my husband's all-time #1 Christmas album. In fact, if we didn't have the Vince Guaraldi album, I don't think he would even listen to any other Christmas music at all! Around here we also like anything Rat Pack... Sinatra, Bennett, etc. :-)

  3. Thanks for the List! I'm always looking for some new Christmas music to add to the collection! Right now I'm really enjoying Needtobreathe -> Go tell it on the Mountian!

  4. Really? Sara Groves 'O Holy Night' album didn't do anything for you?? That's in my top 3 for sure. 'Breath of Heaven' really gets old to me, but 'It's True'! I love the original songs best at Christmas (and not the ones with animal noises!!). Happy Advent Season Music Listening! =)

  5. Okay, one last thought... in case you aren't allergic to Christ*an music (bought it this weekend and am LOVING!):
    Your King has Come by Indelible Grace Music

  6. i appreciate the variety. i'll have to check out NSync. James and Vince are my go to. In fact, I don't listen to much Christmas music aside from those two, although Sara McLaughlin's version of the one James does 'It's comin on Christmas...fly away' or whatever is quite nice, as well. props for your loyalty to the teenager. Merry Christmas, indeed.

  7. All: THANKS FOR SHARING!!! And did you know?! OVER THE RHINE has an album. Had I known that, it would've been on here. TAKE NOTE!!!

    Larissa: I've been hearing alllll about SS--I'm gonna have to invest. I'm excited! Thanks! :)

    Junglewife: I like your husband's taste. :) Rat Pack is great, too. You guys are so right.

    Lori: Needtobreathe has some great stuff out--thanks!

    Kimom: Sara Groves hasn't stoked my fires much in the past so I haven't checked out her C stuff. But I will now--I promise! Breath of Heaven is simply fantastic and beautiful--my Gathering in the States is doing it this year--so great. And totally 90's. :) I love it. Indelible Grace is legit. Glad you're on board with them. I'll for sure check this one out! Thanks!!!

    Loren: haha, let me know how *NSync is treatin' your household. :) I've been hearing more and more of Sarah MacLaughlin and I'm way diggin' her--just on the radio/tv channels that switch it up for you. I haven't visited her since... middle school and "Angel"... yikes. :)



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